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This is a personal loan that requires you to have a 680 or higher credit score. This is a loan issued by a bank in which you must repay on the terms specified by your individual case.

• Gain funding up to $100k for marketing campaigns.
• Use banks’ funds for music marketing plan.
• Gain the placements in Top Tier platforms
• Music websites
• Digital streaming; Spotify, Apple Music and many others
• TV On Demand
• Keep ownership of masters and bank on your own career.
• Get rates ranging from 4% 12% depending on credit file.

NO. We understand that these funds should also go toward helping other aspects of your career that AGA Music has no direct association with, we allocate up to 20% of the funding towards person needs outside  your marketing campaign.

The typical funding amount for credit scores 680 or above, are from $25,000 – $125,000 per client per individual case. (*loan amounts are solely based on the applicants credit history.)

The time period you can expect to start funding is approximately 30 days.

We work with you to schedule an interview time that works for both you and one of our experienced publicist

You will be scheduled for a 20-30 minute phone interview with our publicist to gather data and insights about your released music or a project yet to be released.

We recommend at least 6-8 weeks before your release date.If the project is to be released in a shorter time,book the campaign immediately.

Typically a campaign will range from 3-months, 6-months to 12 month at a time.

  • Campaign will include these placements:
    • Media/Music website feature articles
    • Playlist for Spotify,AppleMusic,Audiomack,Soundcloud
    • DJ conference calls
    • Radio interviews
    • Radio airplay
    • Billboards
    • Social + growth plan

Campaigns range from $20,000 to $120,000


Yes, each placement will be guaranteed.Time frame will vary on placement.

You will be given a music manager for your campaign.Your music manager will handle all campaign details & your direct point of contact.

Email [email protected] for all inquiries and to start a campaign today!

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