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The time to change your music career is now and AGA Music is your Answer! Our Experienced Entertainment team or A&Rs, Project Managers, Publicists and Social Media Managers are here to serve your music needs.

What AGA Music has over EVERYONE else. We know it can be a burdensome expense to get a proper marketing campaign to elevate your music and your career.

We help find you a funding option! If you fit our partner’s credit criteria, they will be able to raise 20k-150k and more in funding for you to apply towards your music career. Allowing the artist to invest in themselves!

To speak with one of our representatives to see if you qualify for funding, click here

If you are looking for a consultation for you career and you do NOT need our funding option.

When you email us, please be specific in what we can help you with AND your budget range, and one of our project managers will be able to assist you.

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